In Print


There is something special about sitting down in a quiet place with a cup of tea (or coffee for that matter), and becoming entirely consumed by a book.

It is a great experience that reading on the web, no matter how good the content, rarely achieves.

So TightWind is in print.

I am doing TightWind in Print for 2009, but… there is no print. No paper, no ink, no time spent waiting for the book to arrive (and no plane and truck used to deliver it). It is instant.



(Click to go to the Kindle store).

Since I began writing TightWind, I have loved the idea of a print edition, but I wasn’t sure the best way to do it. I think this is it. This is meant as a thank you for my readers, so you can enjoy TightWind the same way that you enjoy a good book. Hopefully somewhere quiet and relaxing, with a cup of tea next to you, and nothing on your mind but what you are reading.

I hope you love the book, and thank you all for reading.