July 5th, 2012

Cheddar is a new tasks app. I know, I know—I’m sick of them, too, and usually ignore new ones, but I’ve been using Cheddar since it was released, and I love it.

Here’s the idea: all you do is create lists of tasks, and they will sync—instantly—to your iPhone, iPad and the web interface. Entering new tasks is incredibly fast. There’s a dedicated text field for entering tasks, and when you’re done entering it, you tap the return key, and it’s added. What’s clever is after entering a task, the text field stays in focus, so you can rapidly enter new tasks. It works really well.

On top of this solid base, Cheddar has a beautifully simple tagging system. While entering a task, you can tag it with the pound sign, like a Twitter hashtag. While browsing your tasks, tapping a tag will then display tasks with that tag. Very simple and limited feature, but it actually ends up being quite powerful. For example, I have a school list. Within that list, I can tag each task with the class it’s associated with and what kind of task it is—e.g., if it’s homework, reading, or whatever else. As a result, I can quickly browse all tasks for a certain class or for a certain type of work without maneuvering through a complex and convoluted user interface.

Besides how well it’s designed, the application is so well-executed. Syncing across devices is instant—that is, as soon as you check off a task on one device, it’s mirrored on the other with no delay. And the app and icon are stunningly pretty.