Stephen Hackett’s Interview With Shawn Blanc

February 1st, 2012

Shawn Blanc, in Stephen Hackett’s interview with him:

There certainly has been a noticeable rise of good writing and broadcasting talent within the tech- and design-centric spheres, and I think part of it has been because the whole scene is begging to mature a bit. Writers like John Gruber and podcasters like Dan Benjamin have gone from being lone wolfs to standard bearers. Because of their commitment to high standards and exceptional work in tech writing and podcasting others have grown to appreciate that type of quality, and have used it as a standard in their own work.

I never thought about it that way, but Shawn’s absolutely right. John Gruber, Dan Benjamin, Marco Arment, Horace Dediu, all of these people are setting a very high standard for this community, and it’s not just in the level of professionalism they show in their work: it’s also how much they care about what they do and take pride in it. If you read Daring Fireball, listen to Dan’s shows on 5by5, or use Instapaper, there’s no doubt they really love to do what they’re doing.