Pop for iOS

April 3rd, 2012

Interesting new iOS app called Pop for iOS from Colin McFarland and Patrick Rhone. Here’s the idea:

A place to capture and idea as quickly as possible and worry about what to do with it later.

I bought it, and for 99ยข, there shouldn’t be any hesitation. It isn’t going to be the most beautiful app on your iPhone. It isn’t going to blow your friends away because it’s so advanced. It’s not going to make your work better.

But here’s what it does: it launches fast so you can get your thought down immediately. No need to move through an interface, create a new document and think of a title. Just launch and start typing.

I love that. Currently, that’s all it does. You write in Pop, copy the text and put it somewhere else. I’m glad that’s all it does for now, though, because it works very well for its intended purpose, and now they can deliberately think through its future.

I’m not sure where they’re planning on taking it, but one place I could see this going is a sort of quick-entry for SimpleNote: you launch Pop, get your idea down, and then when you have time, you can send it to SimpleNote. Or perhaps it uses SimpleNote’s API and does so silently in the background, all on its own.