July 13th, 2009

A new page went live over the weekend: patronage.

For those of you who truly enjoy reading TightWind, and would like to help support my writing in return, you can now do so. The amount is up to you.

As noted on the patronage page, this is not a subscription or a membership. No new features or content will be unlocked by a donation, because that is not the point. I have no desire to lock down my content behind a pay wall.

This is a way1 for you to show your appreciation for TightWind, and a means for me to continue writing.

I briefly considered allowing recurring “donations,” so if you enabled it, it would automatically make a yearly donation. I considered it, and then dismissed it, for this reason: you would not be making the donation. Paypal would be, in your name.

By manually making a donation, you are saying that it is worth the time and money for you to send it. It means a lot more when you are making the donation, and not an automated system.

And that is the point.

  1. Among other ways — an email noting how much you enjoyed an article, or even how much you detested it, is appreciated, too. []