Miscellaneous Writing

June 1st, 2009

Sometimes I come across old things I have written, discarded, and forgotten about. Here are two things I found today. I am not sure when I wrote them.

Blindsided by reality
Hurried by our life;
From place to place we go,
A merry-go-round; not getting
Anywhere but where we’ve been. No
Time to think, no time to
Appreciate; no time to love,
No time to live. Life is
But a race, a race, a race.

I step aside, I take a
Seat, I stop and think.
In that moment,
I live.

In this quick world,
Of fast cars and fast food
And Fast enlightenment, there
Exists what is not on demand,
What may not be bought.
Takes time, failure, pain,
Perseverance, to find, and
It is there for an elusive