Apple’s Excellent Service

March 10th, 2009

Since I bought my MacBook Air in March 2008, the hinge loosened. Quite a bit of play in the hinge had developed.

It wasn’t a problem necessarily — just an annoyance, until I saw ArsTechnica’s report that other first-revision MacBook Air users have seen their hinges crack after loosening.

Concerned, I brought it into the Brea, California Apple store last Wednesday. I wasn’t expecting them to fix it, because it wasn’t broken, and especially because my warranty is up in a few weeks.

To my surprise, though, they took it in and replaced the entire display assembly so I wouldn’t have to worry about it when it is out of warranty.

That’s good service. They had no requirement to do anything for me, but they preemptively fixed something for me, just in case it became a problem.

The Brea Apple store deserves a lot of praise.