Announcing Dawning Valley

June 11th, 2008

An innumerable amount of blogs and websites exist to cover everything tech related, but there are not many good ones. I only have a few sites that are must-reads in my feed reader, and it is unfortunate there are so few. My hope is that this site will become a must-read for you.

Today, Andrew Min and I are announcing a new site, Dawning Valley. Dawning Valley is a small team of dedicated writers whose goal is to write great content about things they care about. We will not be writing about everything that happens in the tech world — only the stuff we are genuinely interested in.

Our philosophy is different than most other sites. Rather than post a lot of articles each day to pump up page views, most of them meaningless and not worth reading, we will only be posting a few articles per week.

I love following tech companies for one primary reason: people working in tech startups, and even established companies, believe in what they are doing, and want to do something great for themselves and the world. I love these kinds of people and businesses, because these are the people who really do change the world for the better.

And that is why we named it Dawning Valley. We believe that businesses genuinely dedicated to doing great things for the world is how we should approach our lives as well, and signals a radically-new potential where profit, social benefit, and personal fulfillment all intersect to create an unimaginably-great future. It is the dawn of a new age, and it began in the valley. Dawning Valley.

Our goal is to bring this same philosophy and enthusiasm to Dawning Valley. We want to provide really great commentary on anything happening in tech that we are interested in, and we hope that you are interested in reading it.

Today, we have two articles for you, and we will have a new article Thursday and Friday as well.

We hope you enjoy Dawning Valley.